Caravan of Heartland Bighorns on the way to the Summer 2009 Oregon Rally in Winchester, OR. 
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Heartland Rally RV Port Home. This handsome model will fit into almost any location. However, if you have a height restriction of 17', which many communities have, the flat design of the roof allows a full-size 14' high garage door. 
Make this exceptional model your own by customizing the siding, colors, etc. For example the 3-toned siding may be one color, the trim another color, and the roof another. 

The garage door depicted is a 9' x 8'. 

A gazebo type tent expands the living space to the outside. 
Rear view:  The building may be designed with a drive-thru, with doors on both ends. 
The building is handsome from every viewpoint. 
Elevated view.
Birdseye view. Note the RV roof drains to the rear.
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